История формы “Ливерпуля” | Эволюция 1892-2019

История формы “Ливерпуля” | Эволюция 1892-2019

Liverpool is a team that
surely everyone associates with a red game uniform,
is not it? They even have a nickname connected
with this color bales! But have they always been exactly
red? In this video you will learn
why mersiesiders originally wears the Everton uniform
what year’s jersey inspired New Belans designers on
making bales for the season 19/20 and you will see the juiciest
and commemorative kits for the whole story! Digging deeper! It will be interesting! But before starting, I remind you
what is a partner of our channel is a company marathon
Beth who counts Liverpool one of two favorites
Premier League 19/20! I also think that the team
Kloppa will be strong in this more than ever. Do you agree? The link is below, now let’s get started! Did you know that the red Liverpools
were originally blue just like their enemies from Everton? Anyway, the club appeared
thanks in large part to toffee … Liverpool was founded due
conflict between owner John Anfield Stadium
Holding and playing there Everton Club in 1892. John was pretty mercantile
guy and tried to use maximum status:
seeing people on football walks regularly, he monopolized
beer trading around the stadium (John in combination
produced this drink) and also from year to year unreasonably
raised the rental price tag arenas. Everton is tired and
he moved to goodison Park, and Houlding began to think
how to continue to monetize stadium. The solution came quickly – through
3 weeks he put together a new the team that he called
Everton FC and Athletic Grounds Ltd. Found in the pantry left
butterscotch old shape and distributed it to his players. After some time, the association
forbidden to use in the name is the word Everton,
and the club was decided to appropriate the name of the city is Liverpool. So the future 6 was born
League multiple winner Champions who STARTED
began to play in blue colors. After 4 years, Houlding finally
made a new form – red tank top and white shorts with leggings
– to be as different as possible from Everton. Already being red Merseysiders
took the first champion title in history for the 8th year
existence. At the same time was purchased
a set of white sweaters, which were used
as a guest form in matches where the opponent has
there were similar equipment colors. Surprisingly, after a few
years guest Liverpool was a vertical strip
sometimes in black and white. Just like Juve – agree
unusual for mersysideans. In the year 50 for the final match
FA Cup vs Arsenal Liverpool came out in uniform
logo printed – the first time in its history. But the emblem in this match was
unofficial and symbolized city ​​in opposition
with rival London the final was Arsenal.
here’s a full club badge Liverpool on the form appeared
in the year 55. On the red chevron was
Pictured fictional Lyver bird that has become a symbol
cities back in the 14th century and abbreviation LFC. A little later, in the 69th logo became
closer to the usual For the current fan – just
patch on the form as birds and letters without any
background. But before this happened, you can
tell a historic event – the shape of Liverpool has become
all red shorts and the leggings got the color of the shirt. It happened in the 64th with the filing
the legendary Bill Shankly, which at that moment was
team manager. The event was described by Jan
St. John (soccer player Liverpool) in his autobiography:
“He (Shankly) thought red color may have a psychological
pressure on the opponent and demonstrate power
and dominance. One day, Bill came to the locker room.
and threw it to captain Ronnie Yeatsu a pair of red shorts. “Put them on and see
what do you look like, ”said he. “God, Ronnie, you look
really awesome. The feeling that you even became
above! Then the player suggested trying on
also leggings. Shankley appreciated and approved. So the cult was born
kit. That season Liverpool
first time ever won FA Cup. Generally in the Shankly era, the Merseysiders
were in perfect order – for short period team
returned to the First Division after departure, won
several championships, cups England, UEFA Cup. Is it really so affected
new form on rivals Merseysiders? Friends, before you go
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in description! And we come back to history
– in 73, Liverpool signed first contract ever
with technical sponsor – the form began to let out
Umbro – at that time ONE of the leaders among the outfitters. Kipa seasons 76/79 (she was
unchanged for several years) forever go down in history
since at that time the club won the Champions Cup for the first time,
and twice in a row and took the UEFA Super Cup. The same period logo
Merseysiders began to be applied jersey in gold color. It was invented after
winning 10 champion titles England – the form began to look
more status. In 79, Liverpool became
the first English club who put on his shirts
title sponsor logo – company Hitachi. In fact, a pioneer
in England could and should have been be a derby county club,
which in 78 caused a pile of automobile logo
SAAB company but Football Association of England banned
deal and t-shirts with a sponsor were destroyed. In 81, the Merseysiders won
your third Champions Cup in camouflaged uniform
logos of sponsors. About the history of this conflict
between Adidas and Umbro I already talked more in one of the past
videos, a link to it leave in the tooltip – look
required. Between 82 and 84 the form of red
received substantial changes. First Umbro added on
T-shirts, thin, vertical stripes – they inspired
NewBalance to create a form for the 19/20 season – more on that
later. Secondly, the inscription has changed
ON BREAST – a new partner the club became the company CrownPaints
(CROWN PAINTS) – British paint manufacturer. And it is in this form that Liverpool
took the first ever treble in the 83/84 season, winning the championship,
League Cup and Champions Cup. In 85, a long time hunter
for the Merseysiders Adidas finally was able to sign
a contract with them and a new the reds received
recognizable 3 stripes. In the first season of cooperation
club and brand happened Champions Cup Memorial Final
at the stadium eisel which overshadowed by tragedy from the 39th
dead Italian by the fans. Liverpool lost that
match that nobody seems could not remember. Unsuccessful
start of cooperation brand and club. In 87, the first time official
coat of arms of the club, which from the beginning 70s used for administrative
goals and merchandising, became an element of the game
forms. Simplicity is gone – bird
the diver got the background in the form shield, also instead of abbreviation
long inscriptions added Liverpool Football Club.
further until 2012 badge only complicated and overgrown
small details. 88/89 changed again
title sponsor – it became Candy company, manufacturer
household appliances. In shape with her logo happened
two important events. In April 89, it happened
tragedy at hillsboro stadium. Cup semi-final time
England with Nottingham due crush killed 96 fans
Liverpool. In memory of this event
subsequently to the logo club were added forever
torches dedicated to victims TRAGEDIES. And this coat of arms was applied in
subsequently to form B FOR MANY YEARS. Autumn 89 Liverpool won
biggest victory in its history in the championship
over Crystal Palace 9: 0. That form was second in
Candy logo account. In 92, Liverpool signed
new title contract Carlsberg sponsor and this collaboration
subsequently became the most long in the history of English
football – as many as 18 years! During this time happened
many events and form was completely different:
For example, in 93 and 94 came out cool option from adidas
with diagonal stripes from shorts to t-shirt which
according to many fans reds is one
of the best in history. In 96, the first form came out
Liverpool from Reebok, who was not afraid of experiments. The brand outfitted the reds
for 10 years and quite successfully. In 2001, the Merseysiders won
UEFA Cup and Super Bowl Of Europe! For the decisive matches, the outfitter
released special kits, on which in addition to modern
classic coat of arms logo in the form of a bird
without unnecessary details. Reebock took the first steps
towards the rotation of the old school logo on the form. By the way,
that season the main striker teams Michael Owen got
Golden Ball! Season 04/05 is something to be proud of
absolutely all red fans! The famous comeback in the finale
Champions League did not leave indifferent even neutral
viewers. That form is just mega-popular
and coveted for every fan. On those shirts, by the way, the rib
re positioned classic club logo in the form of gold
live bird. In the same set, red
won the super bowl through a couple of months after Istanbul
finals beating CSKA thanks controversial episode involving
Jibril Cisse. Like if you remember! Next season (last
in collaboration with Reebock) decided not to change the form,
releasing only a separate League home kit
Champions with golden details and barely noticeable diagonal
stripes. Liverpool issued
the longest victory a series in his club history
11 games in the championship but in ended up taking only the third
a place. IN THE SEASON 06/07 A NEW BEGIN
which Messiesideans received 13 million pounds per year. In the debut season of the new
cooperation Liverpool lost in the final of the Champions League (straight
as with the first arrival Adika) – apparently do not bring
Germans luck red. 2010 ended the era
title sponsor Carlsberg and in its place came the financial
Standard Chartered Company (STANDARD CHARTERD). From this moment you can count
modern era of form Liverpool. In year 12, instead of Adidas technical
company became a sponsor Contracted warriors
started paying club 25 million per year, and this is more than
Adik almost 2 times. chip form from this brand
was the return of the classic logo with bird live
and the acronym LFC instead one that appears
as official. After 3 years, the Badge of Warriors
changed to the NewBalance icon, and the club began to turn
in a real world supergrand. American company
seems very on time signed the Merseysiders:
the contract is certainly not cheap (45 million pounds per year), but
insanely effective in terms of marketing and sports
results. League 2 finals Champions, one of which
victorious and constant struggle for the championship in England. Champions League triumphs
season 18/19 will surely hit to the club museum and forever
will go down in the history of the club. Yes, yes, it’s them you can
win in our competition. Well, as I said above,
19/20 form inspired by memorabilia kits of the early 80s,
namely the 82/83 season. That was the last year of the great
Bob paisley as Liverpool Coach THEN
the team won the championship title. 2019 – Year of the Century
from the birthday of the legendary manager and that is why
designers made a reference to those times. In addition to strips from the champion
forms of the early 80s about Bob Paisley recalls his autograph
on the inside of the collar. Guest form after experimentation
at the beginning of the club’s history, closer to the 20s became
permanently white. In the 60s there were one-time attempts
release yellow kits for individual matches, but only
in 79, such an option came out fully for the season. And since the late 80s, brands have become
more bold with visiting jersey: there were both gray and green,
both black and purple and of course yellow and white
kits. Especially untied hands
third appearance designers options for Eurocups
or emergency cases. You could mix there
colors and patterns as you like. In season 19/20 the guest form
will be classic – white T-shirt and blue shorts – straight
as at the time of borrowing Everton bales. And the third turned out mega
stylish – base in dark gray color with turquoise pattern
and details. Just a fire! Write in the comments
which kit is Liverpool the most memorable for you
and welcome? Well, be sure to specify
the most stylish option of all. My favorite is form 91 through
93 year from Adidas. Really cool! I hope you enjoyed it
and you support this video like it! So you let me know
what should be disassembled as soon as possible the story of another club. Be sure to click on the button.
subscribe and bell not to miss new
vidos. Well, past videos of this
format check out do not forget – here – Form history
Barcelona here Madrid Real Madrid, and then Juventus. I am Yura Rusanov, do not forget
about the contest, Ball Lab, bye!

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