Влог Art1st’a: Правила разминки, Киберспорт в Питере

Влог Art1st’a: Правила разминки, Киберспорт в Питере

Hello, guys. As you may have guessed by the title, this is my second vlog. I didn’t see this coming, but you asked for it, so I did it. What will this video be about? Let’s see. Zhenya and I have already packed our stuff. That’s his suitcase, this one is mine. We’re gonna have a meal and then call a taxi. Some new fashion trend from Poka. Warming up legs before the game is very important. – Are you here to wish me goodbye, Poka? – Yes, and give you a hug. No kidding? Thank you. Up top. You do everything with legs, do you even need hands? – They are useless. – I see. Oh god, I’m home. Check out my motivator, guys. Here it is. Hey, little one. Have you missed you? While I was away, my sister moved in here, here are her devices. This is a Microsoft keyboard, HyperX headphones, a good choice, and a mouse pad. Well… My friends, it’s 8:00 in the morning. I woke up, washed my face, did some exercise, I’m trying to stick to our bootcamp routine. I’m about to have breakfast. Today I’ll probably go to the amusement park with my brother and show you some cool rides. Then I’ll see my friends and show you how they supported me. I hope it will be fun, so get some tea and cookies, let’s go. A quick piece of advice. I wasted a lot of time on my phone, I even had to block Instagram, Twitch, VK. The most productive thing was to leave the phone in another room before going to sleep. It helps to fall asleep faster, and not to waste time when you wake up. I’d wake up and spend 1.5 hours browsing Instagram, VK, streams, YouTube. If you want to get rid of checking your phone first thing in the morning and wasting time like that, just leave it in another room. We can’t have a CS channel without CS:GO, so I decided to give you a few advice regarding the warm-up and what it’s for. Why do you need it? To give you some confidence, not to feel the mouse and stuff, but rather get your brain going. Then you can switch to playing mixes. Before you do that, however, I advise you to jump around on a surf map to get used to the player model. Kick things off on aim_botz by killing 800-1000 bots and then move to Surf. As I’ve promised, these are my two best friends, Nikita and Sergey. Guys, a few questions for you, usually esports and friendship don’t combine well. I used to spend a lot of time playing PC, sometimes I avoided hanging out with you. Yeah, we know that. How did you feel about it? I mean, were you frustrated or sad? You avoided us when you were going out on dates. No, I was playing CS. When you didn’t play, you’d go out with girls. – That’s not true. – It is. Anyway. – Should I answer? – 3, 2, 1, go. I was okay about that. I realized you were doing the thing you enjoyed, and you strived for it, so I was totally cool with that. Do you remember how we met? Okay… We will cut it out. In the third grade, Sergey gave me his CS Source CD, I installed it, but I couldn’t activate it for a second time, so I played against bots. Then I came up to Slava in school and said I downloaded CS and I played it. Slava said I wouldn’t be able to play with them, then he just turned away. There was only one CD key. This guy introduced me to CS:GO. We were at some sightseeing, in St. Petersburg. We talked about CS and I said I was playing Source, he told me about GO, I hadn’t heard about it before. That’s how I started. We played calibration games, I had Master Guardian, he had 3 or 4 stars. Yes, pretending he plays well. I was the one who taught him the basics. Sergey was better than me at every game first months. I played with Slava all the time so I didn’t feel sad about him not hanging out with us. Guys, we’re gonna have a doner. There is no Poka here, so we have to eat junk food. Fork. Knife. Sweat. Poka’s food is tastier. He is the best. So I have to eat junk… CS player’s claw. What’s going on? It’s inside out. Guys, this person’s impact on the Petersburg CS scene is hard to overestimate. Hello, Rai. Slava, you’re making me blush. Hi. Tell me where are we? What’s this place? Give me some insider information. We are at, hopefully, the best PC club of St. Petersburg. We are opening tomorrow, but we still have some work to do. We are at the new club – the main nest of SPb esports, which is set to open on September 1. – Let me give you a tour around. – Let’s go. What’s the name of the club? Have you come up with one? Yes, the most unusual and elite name – Leet or 1337. – 3,2,1 go! – Action. We decided to play MK11, Blad3 taught us some tricks. He’s teaching us not only CS, so I’m going to destroy Sergey now. I don’t think so. I need a guy with the hat, am I on the left or the right? Nice block. I’m just spamming every button. Okay, when are you planning to open this club? When will you host your first SPb LAN? On September 1, followed by a LAN, hopefully it’ll be listed on HLTV, if we have time to get all things done. So players from other cities will be able to attend it too? Yes. I think we’ll put together a 150.000 prize pool and people from other cities will be welcome to come. I have a few questions regarding SPb CS. A lot of players started their carriers under your guidance: Jerry who’s on forZe now, speed4k, facecrack, me, jmqa, waterfallz. You were on LAN with them back when they were little kids, so what do you feel when you see them perform at a Major? I feel proud, really. Of course, they made it to the top by themselves. – But your helped them. – Just a tad bit. By giving them an opportunity to prove themselves on LAN and get noticed. So yeah, I feel proud. Slava, you’re done for. We need to do a staredown. How do I hurl a hat? What an awkward fight. Who’s going to win?! Speaking of facecrack, he didn’t start his career under my guidance, we just played together at one point. It was a public for $2000 and we were a player short. A friend of mine noticed how good facecrack was and suggested that we invite to the team and that’s how his career started. Just a public for $2000. Answering the question on how to get into esports, just play CS and do your best. I’m at the amusement park with my brother and his girlfriend, Katya. Two Art1sts in the shot. – We’re about to get it started. I take it we got tickets for two rides. – For now, yes. Just to test them out. The first one is the catapult. This is a scary one. And the second one is the roller coaster over there to kick things off. – It looks fun. – Yeah, at least not as scary as that one. Let’s roll then. – On a scale of 1 to 10. – That was wild. It feels as though my hand is glued to the phone. I can’t even turn off the camera. That was a nice ride on that thing. – Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. – That’s an 8. I haven’t ridden one in a while. That was pretty cool. Well, you just witnessed it yourselves. Really scary. – Your ears hurt? – Yes. – Now onto the real deal. – Maybe we better head home? – No, no, we’ve got the tickets already. – Okay, let’s go. – Are you ready, bro? – I’m not. Me neither. Not ready at all. I’m so scared I’m getting cold feet. We did it. Too bad they didn’t allow me to film for safety reasons, but I managed to get something on video, I think you heard all the screaming. It was unexpected when he told me to turn off the camera, I did and they catapulted us up in the air right after that. I thought it’d start slow or something like that. So yeah, it was cool but not as extreme as the booster, which we won’t be able to show you because the waiting line is huge and not because we chickened out. – Right, bro? – Yeah, we’re not afraid of anything. We are not afraid of the rides. Okay, let’s go home. Bro, hurry up! Or we’ll be late for the bridge opening and your followers won’t see it. I can’t send a direct message to my friend! Instagram is lagging and connection is shit! Bro, you just threw out your phone. – It had a SIM card! – Kyivstar? – No, no, no. I have the Kyivstar one here. – Nice one. Pound it! As everyone already knows, this is my elder brother, Vlad. Tell the guys a bit about yourself and what you do. I work in advertising, also a moonlight business in robotics and some minor things here and there. Our dad started out as a programmer, so we had our PCs early on and at a young age, I already knew I was going to be in IT one way or another. You were more into GTA and we didn’t have to share a PC as everyone had already had their own one at the time. I guess you were about 15 when you hit Global Elite and started looking for a team, trying to get into the competitive scene. You posted in every public group and even messaged Zeus and ceh9. Ceh9 was making fun of you after that. Everyone kept saying you were just a bonkers kid with a boosted account. Back then reaching Global at 15 was quite an achievement compared to how easy it is now. Maybe. I don’t really remember, but no one would get you on a team. It went on like this for a while, though eventually your no-quit approach paid off. – You got ignored, rejected, you couldn’t get a tryout, but in the end, you made it into your first team. – That’s true. What advice would you give to young players, using my case as an example? Maybe certain things to focus on. The main thing is being persistent. Art1st got rejected a lot of times but it didn’t stop him. The second important advice is the qualify of time you spend playing CS. You may play 12 hours a day and make no progress at all. It is better to practice 6 hours with a clear understanding of how and what to work on, rather than playing 12 and making the same mistakes over and over every day. That is a really important advice. Taking notes of your mistakes is the way to go, although it’s not easy to do. – So yeah, good luck, guys. Thank you, brother. – No problem. Always nice talking to you.

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  1. 1 сентября
    Лохи: идут в школу
    Норм поцоны: идут в комп.клуб в Питере

  2. бля каждый раз когда слышу конда артист смеётся хочу сломать свои уши ))

  3. сегодня ты смотришь влог без поки
    а завтра порнуху без баб

  4. Ну когда этот дом 2 кончится то ? когда пятёрку отберут то ? Господаров , Аункер, Поря ещё кто 2 ? Ну понятное Артист в пролете ( слабовато играет ) вы там это, пошевеливайтесь

  5. Не реально годный видосик, давно так просто не наслаждался обычными влогами

  6. Получается Женя и Слава не попали в пятёрку? Или я не правильно понял?

  7. Этот Navi Junior вообще что-то покажет нам или мы будем смотреть на этого дауна Артиста по кд? Кому он нахрен вообще нужен со своими влогами? Во всех играх это ведро в лоутабе с 10 фрагами за 30 раундов. Если я захочу, то я посмотрю влоги Зевса, тот хоть дурака умеет валять и есть о чем рассказать.
    Открываешь этот канал Navi Junior и одни влоги, лазаньи, готовим жрать, магазины, гимнастика, а где мать вашу CS? Я думал проект данный будет показывать тренировки и результаты до и после отобранных игроков, их процесс развития, а в итоге – Дом2 какой-то. Купили хату, заселили игроков и каждый делает то что хочет, один стримит, другой жрать на камеру готовит… Этих 10-ых игроков пытались вообще на одном сервере собрать? Или только для видео они собираются в одной комнате

  8. здорово. и Артист – приятный чебурек. да и братан у него – приятный чебурек. здорово!

  9. дайте любому сильверу так же жить,и через год вы получите симпла

  10. Братан пушка, можно почаще таких влогов?)) я сам из спб играл с тобой на ланах у райского, ты красава) надеюсь мы с тобой ещё у райского увидимся когда ты уже будешь таким как Симпл)

  11. Артист прекращай с этим КС:ГО, открывай свой канал, все будут довольны

  12. Крутой влог, респект)
    Даже старичку 23 летнему было интересно 😅

  13. я разминаюсь фаст аим рефлекс от 100 ботов до 300. И потом серф

  14. у меня наушники как у его сестры). Для любительской игры они просто афигенны)

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